Seacoast School of Technology
[Prerequisite - Algebra 1, grade of C or better]
Computer Science
The need for people with the skills to write computer software and understand programming languages continues to grow.  Computer Science is a series of four semester courses which can be taken in sequence (recommended), or as stand-alone classes.

First-Year Courses
  • Introduction to Computer Programming (offered semester 1) provides students with the basic skills to make a computer follow your command.  Students will utilize formal logic to understand how a computer "thinks," and be introduced to several technical computer languages.
  • Visual Basic (offered semester 2) asks students to design, plan, code, and document their own computer programs using Visual Basic.  Students learn the same code-writing techniques that are used by today's software developers across the industry.

Second-Year Courses
  • Advanced Programming/Java (offered semester 1) teaches the Java programming language, program planning, object-oriented design and Java language syntax.  Students learn how to complete Java applets, as well as, stand-alone programs.
  • Advanced Programming/C++ (offered semester 2) allows students to add to their programming credentials by introducing the C++ language to create platform-independent applications and independent software.

​College credit is available through Running Start, and many students choose to continue their education at highly-respected colleges throughout the U.S.

Course Competencies

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