Seacoast School of Technology

  • Biotechnology - DNA replication capabilities, tissue culture lab, cryogenic freezers, electron microscopes, etc.

  • Culinary Arts - Julia's Restaurant, Point of Sale (POS) system, large-scale production kitchen

  • Digital Media Arts - video and sound production room, green screen, lighting grid, advanced graphics software

  • Pre-Engineering - computer simulation software, engineering modeling capabilities

At SST, you learn and develop skills in a safe environment using the same equipment professionals across the industry use in their day-to-day work lives.

Each program at SST has both a classroom and a dedicated laboratory. While our classrooms are equipped with wireless internet, smartboard technology, etc., our high-tech labs are the highlight... The SST laboratories house all the equipment, tools, technology and other resources essential for learning real-world, marketable skills.

The Seacoast School of Technology underwent an $8.5 million renovation and now includes facilities such as:

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