Computer Science

[Prerequisite - Algebra 1, grade of C or better]​

The need for people with the skills to write computer software and understand programming languages continues to grow.  Computer Science is a series of four semester courses which can be taken in sequence (recommended), or as stand-alone classes.

Computer Science I - 2 semester-based courses

  • Introduction to Computer Programming (offered semester 1) provides students with the basic skills to make a computer follow your command.  Students will utilize formal logic to understand how a computer "thinks," and be introduced to several technical computer languages.   (Syllabus)

  • C# (offered semester 2) provides students with an understanding of structured, procedural and event-driven programming.  Students will develop techniques for problem solving through the application of a variety of programming techniques and will gain experience in program planning, design, and coding as they complete lab work and assignments including games, simulations and productivity applications. (Syllabus)

Computer Science II - 2 semester-based courses

  • Advanced Programming/Java (offered semester 1) teaches the Java programming language, program planning, object-oriented design and Java language syntax.  Students learn how to complete Java applets, as well as, stand-alone programs.   (Syllabus)

  • Advanced Programming/C++ (offered semester 2) allows students to add to their programming credentials by introducing the C++ language to create platform-independent applications and independent software.   (Syllabus)

College credit is available through  Running Start, and many students choose to continue their education at highly-respected colleges throughout the U.S.