FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions!

Do I have to decide between my sending high school and SST?
No! SST programs are taken in conjunction with courses at your sending high school. SST students still take a full schedule of classes such as math, English, history, etc. at their sending high schools, but they take some of their elective coursework at SST. Essentially, you'll spend an hour and a half of your school day at SST studying programs that are not offered at your sending high school.

I'm a senior and have never taken an SST program... Can I start a program as a senior?

Absolutely! While all of our programs take two years to complete, seniors can always sign up to take the first year of a program.

I have an IEP. Will I still get accommodations at SST?
Yes. SST is a public school and is governed by the same laws as your sending high school. We have special education professionals who work with your sending high school to ensure you get the accommodations you need.

I want to take two programs at SST.  Is that possible?
Yes.  We have had a number of students in the past take multiple SST programs.  When students take two SST programs they are spending four periods a day doing hands-on work at SST.  Speak with your school counselor for more information about how you will fit this into your high school schedule.

I go to a high school that is not one of the six sending high schools (Epping, Exeter, Newmarket, Raymond, Sanborn Regional and Winnacunnet).  Can I take an SST program?
There are a number of issues that would have to be addressed first (such as transportation to and from the SST campus, whether or not your sending district would be willing to pay the tuition, etc.), but in some cases it is possible for a student from an outside district to attend SST.  The first step towards making this a reality is to speak with your high school counselor.